Rutherford Farms

Our Facility

Rutherford Farms grows, processes, and sells pedigreed seed for our local retail market.  We specialize in contract seed production and processing for large multinational seed companies.

We provide:
  • Logistics for moving seed,
  • Field production of seed,
  • Custom processing,
  • Custom blending,
  • Treating and inoculating cereals and soybeans,
  • Storage of processed seed.
Our facility includes:
  • A state of the art grain cleaning plant which has a cleaning capacity of over 500 bushels an hour; this plant is capable of cleaning cereal grains, soybeans, and canola;
  • Over 90 hopper bottom storage bins with a capacity of over 400,000 bushels;
  • Bins are equipped with bean ladders;
  • Conveyors for handling sensitive crops like soybeans and peas.