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Always on the lookout for new crops, Rick, along with other farmers in Manitoba, became involved with NorthStar Genetics. This group is developing new kinds of soybeans suited to the shorter Canadian growing season. The results of their efforts are a line of soybeans which reflect the diverse growing conditions of the Prairies. Rick has worked with this group and has grown a number of foundation crops which are thriving in our growing conditions.

Contact Rick and he will help you choose the best soybean for your land needs.

NSC Leroy RR2Y
  • Super ultra early maturing variety – the earliest in Western Canada
  • Great for growers who want early genetics that yield
  • Tall upright plant structure with every good pod height
  • Strong emergence and vigour with good cold tolerance
NSC Watson RR2Y
  • Ultra-early maturing. Suitable across Western Canada
  • Exceptional yields for maturity
  • Very strong early-season vigour
  • Very characteristic lanceloate leaf shape makes this variety easy to identify
  • Many 4-5 bean filled pods including a distinctive cluster at the top of each plant
  • Very good height due to extended lower internode
NSC Reston RR2Y
  • Very early maturing. Most popular variety in Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan
  • Very stable yielder under a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Semi-bush growth habit for good canopy closure, so can be grown at row spacings up to 15 inches
  • Very consistent and competitive yield
NEW. NSC Newton RR2X
  • Solid yield performance across a wide range of environments
  • Taller variety that stands well
  • Strong early spring vigour
  • Above average white mould tolerance with nice appearance
NSC Gladstone RR2Y
  • Excellent early variety for growers with planters
  • Dual-purpose variety that performs very well as a solid-seeded stand or in rows 20” apart and greater
  • Plants grow aggressively with substantial branching and big beans which lead to high yields for its maturity
  • Tall plant closes canopy very quickly which may reduce the need for a final Glyphosate application
NSC Starbuck RR2X
  • Variety with good IDC and excellent disease package
  • Offers high yields and fits all soils
  • Stand well with good tolerance to white mould
  • Medium-tall height with great appearance
  • Soybean cyst nematode resistant
NEW. NSC Sperling RR2Y
  • High performing variety for longer growing season in Manitoba
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Fast emergence
  • Broadly adapted across various soils and yield environments
  • Very strong IDC rating
  • Good stress and drought tolerance
NSC Richer RR2Y
  • Top yielding mid-to-long season line
  • Very tall, aggressive plant with exceptional branching and continuous pads from bottom to top
  • Ideal variety for planter for 20″ to 30″ rows
  • Top of the line variety for the longer growing season of Manitoba
NSC Greenridge RR2Y
  • Attractive variety for the experienced soybean grower in the long-season zone
  • An overall very strong disease package
  • Stacked RPS genes(1c/3a) for excellent phytophtheora tolerance
  • Very good against both IDC and white mould
  • Performs in both high and low yielding environments
  • Soybean cyst nematode resistant
NSC Jordan RR2Y
  • Exceptional yield potential
  • Top yielder in the long-season zone
  • Very tall with excellent pod height off the ground
  • Branch growth habit suitable for wide row spacing up to 30 inches
  • Full-season variety with an excellent disease package