Rutherford Farms


Always on the lookout for new crops, Rick, along with other farmers in Manitoba, became involved with NorthStar Genetics. This group is developing new kinds of soybeans suited to the shorter Canadian growing season. The results of their efforts are a line of soybeans which reflect the diverse growing conditions of the Prairies. Rick has worked with this group and has grown a number of foundation crops which are thriving in our growing conditions.

Contact Rick or Corey and they will help you choose the best soybean for your land needs.

Ultra Early

NSC Dauphin RR2X
  • 000.8 Relative Maturity
  • 2250 Heat Units
  • Ultra-early maturity and suitable across Western Canada
  • Exceptional yields for maturity
  • Very good emergence and stress tolerance
  • Excellent standability and phytophthora field tolerance

Early to Mid

NSC Arden RR2X
  • 00.1 Relative Maturity
  • 2325 Heat Units
  • Excellent yield potential for its maturity
  • Very strong stress and drought tolerance
  • Excellent IDC and white mould tolerance
  • Very good standability and ease to harvest
NSC Holland RR2X
  • 00.4 Relative Maturity
  • 2400 Heat Units
  • Top yield potential in its maturity class
  • Aggressive bean that works in all environments, soil types, and row widths
  • Excellent white mould tolerance
  • Very strong emergence and standability

Mid to Long

NSC Sperling RR2Y
  • 00.6 Relative Maturity
  • 2450 Heat Units
  • High performing variety for longer growing season in Manitoba
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Fast emergence
  • Broadly adapted across various soils and yield environments
  • Very strong IDC rating
  • Good stress and drought tolerance
NSC Cartier RR2X
  • 00.6 Relative Maturity
  • 2450 Heat Units
  • Medium-tall height variety that stands really well with nice appearance
  • Very high yield potential
  • Very good IDC rating
  • Excellent PRR field tolerance


NSC Winkler RR2Y
  • 00.8 Relative Maturity
  • 2500 Heat Units
  • Exceptional yield – highest trial win rate in Red River Valley
  • Tall, bushy plant very well suited to wide row spacing
  • Solid disease package and good IDC rating
  • Soybean cyst nematode resistant